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Dunk Fordyce
license: Freeware
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samurai-x2 description
samurai-x2 is a work in progress window manager written in pure Python.

There are two samurai-x: samurai-x1, based on Xlib, and samurai-x2, based on an Xcb binding. However, work on samurai-x1 has been halted.

samurai-x is written entirely in python using ctypes, depending on the following libraries:

* xcb and 'xcb-keysyms' from xcb-util
* cairo and its xcb backend
* librsvg

samurai-x was originally based on code from ( although there is little resemblance now ). Also viewing the code from has been an essential resource.

Here are some key features of "samurai-x2":. . Publisher of samurai-x2, Author of samurai-x2 0.1. samurai-x2 is a work in progress window manager written in pure Python. There are two samurai-x: samurai-x1, based on Xlib, and samurai-x2, based on an Xcb binding. However, work on samurai-
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Everyone is welcomed to pick it up and continue the work. i'm sorry, i just can't do it now. please, read the readme ...

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