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Simple Settings Dialog

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company name:
Jorn Christensen
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: - QT4
functional limitations:
Simple Settings Dialog description
Simple Settings Dialog (ssd) enables a script author to easily construct a simple dialog (for e.g. configuration purposes) which can be be presented to the user during script execution.

Simple Settings Dialog is build on TrollTech QT4 and implements the most commonly used widgets from QT.

Ssd is intended for sys admins for scripting purposes. For instance, suppose you are a sys admin on a multi user environment and have e.g. Firefox and Opera installed on your system. Now, you want to provide your users with the choice of browser the first time they click on the button "Browser". This can be handle with a bash script and ssd, providing the user with a graphical choice dialog.

The aim for ssd has been

??? Creation of a dialog should be done in a very few lines
??? The output from ssd (when the user has made his/her choice) should be simple and parseable by bash. . Home of Jørn Christensen... Just some personal HW and SW projects, things related to DTU, my New Zealand trip, and my image gallery.
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Simple Settings Dialog
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