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company name:
Christos Zoulas
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
Tcsh description

Tcsh is an enhanced, but completely compatible version of the Berkeley UNIX C shell (csh). The project is a command language interpreter usable both as an interactive login shell and a shell script command processor.

It includes a command-line editor, programmable word completion, spelling correction, a history mechanism, job control and a C-like syntax.

Tcsh has been ported to most unix variants, and can be tinkered to work in unix systems that it has not ported yet. See the Ported file for a more complete list of ported systems and in the config directory for a configuration file that matches your system.

Tcsh also runs under VMS/POSIX and OS/2+emx; the OS/2 port is not complete yet.


0. Try running "configure". If that works, goto step 6. If you are using imake, try xmkmf and goto step 3. If imake does not work, copy Makefile.std to Makefile.

1. Look at the Makefile and make sure that you are using the right compilation flags.

2. Copy the appropriate for your machine and OS config file from the config subdirectory into config.h. Consult the file "Ported" for settings known to work on various machines.

If you are trying to compile tcsh on a machine for which there is no config file yet, you will need to create a config file using as a template one of the supplied ones.

If you get tcsh working on a new machine, I'd appreciate a copy of the config file plus additional information about the architecture/OS.

If you are creating a new config file, look very hard at BSDJOBS, BSDSIGS, and BSDTIMES if you are running a non-BSD machine. For vanila SysV, these would all be #undef-ed, but others may vary (such as A/UX or HPUX).

On a pyramid, compile in the UCB universe even if you are running under the ATT universe usually; it will work anyway, and you get job control for free.

3. Look at config_f.h, and enable or disable any features you want. It is configured the way I like it, but you may disagree.

If you do not have NLS, then locale.h will not b. Christos Zoulas - Publisher Page of Tcsh - Publisher of Tcsh, Author of Tcsh 6.16.00. Tcsh is an enhanced, but completely compatible version of the Berkeley UNIX C shell (csh). The project is a command language interpreter usable both as an interactive login shell and a shell

Control - Command - Create - Shell - Systems - Machine - Complete - Features - Compile - Config - Universe - Running - Makefile - Using - Under - Ported - Which - There - Tcsh - Publisher Of Tcsh - Author Of Tcsh 6 16 00 - Imake
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