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important software information
company name:
Michele Noberasco
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
wmpower description

wmpower is a Window Maker dock app that allows the user to graphically see (and set) the power management status of his laptop.


su root (if you are not root already)
make install

Here are some key features of "wmpower":

· Battery status display (you choose the battery);
· Both APM and ACPI kernels are supported;
· On ACPI kernels you get fan status and a thermal sensor;
· Direct access to Toshiba hardware: you get fan status and LCD brightness management even without an APCI kernel;
· While on battery, it can stop your fan, HD, lin-seti service to make the battery last longer; if you have a Toshiba Laptop, it can also adjust your LCD brightness;
· Fast battery charge mode: you can keep 'on battery' settings until your battery reaches 100%: this will make it recharge much faster;
· no-meddling option: if you want the program to display power manamenegt status, but not to take any action.
· On Toshiba laptops you can use your mouse wheel to adjust the brightness of your lcd screen.
· Support for Dell laptops for temperature and fan status
· Support for Compal hardware
· CPU frequency scaling support. .

Similar software (Popularity: ) : is Window Maker system monitor dockable application. I’m not the author of that program. I’m only the maintainer of SlackBuild for it.. .
wmnet (Popularity: ) : WMnet is a little WindowMaker dockapp network monitor I wrote for Linux.

It was originally inspired by that funky program 'tleds' that blinks your keyboard LED's in response to net traffic, but its a lot more entertaining than that nowadays.

I wrote ...

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