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Bill Haneman, Marc Mulcahy and Padraig Obriain
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
at-spi description

at-spi is the Gnome Accessibility Project.

Building the documentation:

Pre-built versions of the HTML documentation are available at However the documentation in the docs directory is the most up-to-date. Building the docs requires docbook and jade, see the 'gtk-doc' package (from Gnome CVS) for more information.

Use of the AT-SPI:

Accessible applications will register with this registry service (via bonobo-activation) and adaptive/assistive technologies will register with the service as well, to indicate their interest in receiving UI events. ATs can also use the registry's services programmatically to query accessible applications.

Running the test programs:

At the moment the only clients and are two test at clients ('at' and 'simple-at'). There is also a test app ('app) in the 'tests' subdirectory.

If you have a working ORBit2/bonobo-activation installation you can run the tests after adding the registryd directory to the bonobo-activation directory list with bonobo-activation-sysconf, or by installing Accessibility_Registry.server in your bonobo-activation 'servers' directory.

You can then run './at' and './app' from the 'test' directory, to see 'app' register as an application, and 'at' as a listening client. Bonobo should take care of the job of bootstrapping the registry daemon ('registryd') for you. These test programs use the bonobo/CORBA C bindings directly.. GNOME: The Free Software Desktop Project.

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