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Marc Andre Tanner
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
ciopfs description

ciopfs is a case insensitive on purpose file system based on FUSE.

ciopfs is a stackable or overlay linux userspace file system (implemented with fuse) which mounts a normal directory on a regular file system in case insensitive fashion.

The commands below should illustrate it's function.

mkdir -p ~/tmp/ciopfs/{.data,case-insensitve}
ciopfs ~/tmp/ciopfs/.data ~/tmp/ciopfs/case-insensitive
cd ~/tmp/ciopfs
mkdir -p case-insensitive/DeMo/SubFolder
echo demo >> case-insensitive/DEMO/subFolder/MyFile

At this point your file system should look like this:

`-- DeMo
`-- SubFolder
`-- MyFile
`-- demo
`-- subfolder
`-- myfile

To avoid any conflicts you should not manipulate the data directory directly, any change should be done over the mount point. Any filenames in the data directory which aren't all lower case are ignored.

If you want to mount the file system automatically at boot time add a line like the one below to your /etc/fstab.. || Marc Tanner's web log. Page about my current interests and programming projects including my blog.

Programming - Hacking - Free Software - Open Source - Gnu Linux - Marc Tanner Blog
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