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DB Cruiser

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important software information
company name:
MathThinking Technologies, Inc.
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
DB Cruiser description

DB Cruiser is a leading web based database tool with reporting and data importing functionality.

It can securely access to all SQL databases, through any major Web browsers, to execute SQL; to view and manipulate data, including CLOB/TEXT and BLOB/Binary; to generate reports; to import bulk data into tables.

It is easy to use, no trainning required. Especially, the unique Query Express feature allows you to build SQL statements graphically in just few mouse clicks without writing any SQL.

No software to install in the desktop PC or laptop - just open a browser and start using it.

Any database prodcut with JDBC 2.0 or later version driver is supported. It rans on any platform which supports Java.

Save huge cost for buying only one license,and instailling and maintaining only at one place.

Other special features:

Built-in reporting functionality:
-- Generate ad hoc reports in HTML, EXCEL® and PDF quickly.
-- Eesy to use report formatter.

Handle CLOB/Text and BLOB/Binary data:
-- View the content of CLOB up to maximum allowed size (configurable).
-- Download the whole content of CLOB and BLOB.
-- Modify/update the content of CLOB by typing.
-- Replace the content of BLOB by uploading

Monitor all the acitve database connections:
-- View who are connected; when they first connected; when they were last used; and what databases they connect to.
-- Disconnect any unwanted acitve connections.

Free for personal user - full functional.

Web - Sql - Reporting - Blob - Database Tool - Data Import - Ajax - Clob
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DB Cruiser
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supported os's
    Windows NT
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows 2003
    Mac PowerPC
    Mac OS 9.x
    Mac OS X
downloads 59
version 6.0
size in Kb 9,766
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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