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Mikhail Korobov
license: Freeware
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django-view-cache-utils description
django-view-cache-utils is a Django plugin that provides a method to do advanced view caching. It's basically a patch from converted to stand-alone python package. The license is MIT.. .
Similar software
django-honeypot (Popularity: ) : Django honeypot field utilities

django-honeypot is a Django plugin that provides utilities for preventing automated form spam.

Provides template tags, view decorators, and middleware to add and verify honeypot fields to forms.


To install run

python install

which will install the application into ...

LZMA Utils (Popularity: ) : LZMA Utils are legacy data compression software with high compression ratio. LZMA Utils are no longer developed, although critical bugs may be fixed as long as fixing them doesn't require huge changes to the code.

Users of LZMA Utils should move ...

Hey::Cache (Popularity: ) : Hey::Cache is a Perl module to cache data multiple data structures.


use Hey::Cache;

my $cache = Hey::Cache->new(
Namespace => 'WeatherApp2000', # string (optional, default='default')
CacheFile => 'fun_cache_file.xml', # file path and name (optional, default='cache.xml')
AutoSync => 1, # boolean (optional, ...

django-filter (Popularity: ) : A reusable Django application for allowing users to filter queryset dynamically. . Publisher of django-filter, Author of django-filter 0.5.2. A reusable Django application for allowing users to filter queryset dynamically md5=5dc0a213a26555ee1305ca3ad527b710
django-templatesadmin (Popularity: ) : django-templatesadmin is a Django application to make minor changes to your templates on the fly.

Templates Admin is a tiny, nifty application for your Django project to edit your templates, that are stored on your disk, via an admin interface.

Originally this ...

wadofstuff-django-forms (Popularity: ) : wadofstuff-django-forms is a set of utility functions and classes to extend the functionality of Django forms.


security_hash(request, form, exclude=None, *args)

Calculates a security hash for the given Form/FormSet instance.

This creates a list of the form field names/values in a deterministic
order, pickles the ...

XZ Utils (Popularity: ) : XZ Utils is free general-purpose data compression software with high compression ratio. XZ Utils were written for POSIX-like systems (GNU/Linux, *BSDs, etc.), but also work on some not-so-POSIX systems like Windows. XZ Utils are the successor to LZMA Utils.

The core ...

Ehcache (Popularity: ) : Ehcache 1.5.0 / 1.6.0 RC1

Ehcache features memory and disk stores, replicate by copy and invalidate, cache loaders, cache extensions, cache exception handlers, listeners, a gzip caching servlet filter and much more ...

Ehcache is available under an Apache open source license ...

supervisor_cache (Popularity: ) : supervisor_cache is an RPC extension for the supervisor module that provides the ability to cache limited amounts of data in the supervisor instance as key/value pairs.


Release packages are available on the Python Package Index (PyPI). You can download them from ...

dajax (Popularity: ) : dajax is an easy to use AJAX library for Django.. . Google's official developer site. Featuring APIs, developer tools and technical resources.
django-auto-urls (Popularity: ) : django-auto-urls is a plugin for the Django framework that tries to load template by it's file name passed in URL. It is useful in development for quick template rendering without overhead of defining urls for each template.

django-auto-urls may be helpful ...

django-campaign (Popularity: ) : django-campaign is a basic newsletter app for the Django webframework.

Here is a very brief overview how to use django-campaign:

* Import (or enter by hand) a number of subscribers into the Subscriber model. Importing json formatted data is possible.
* Build one ...

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