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Elive E17 Compiz

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Elive Team
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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Elive E17 Compiz description
Elive is a Live CD based on debian that works with Enlightenment (16.7 and 17 avaibles ) like only desktop containing all EFL libraries requiered to launch applications related to EFL and it possible to use it for programming anywhere and that don't need to be installed.

Elive distribution includes a big part of the programs related to Enlightenment.

Here are some key features of "Elive E17 Compiz":

· Automatizer for enthrall (video recorder from your opened window)
· RW feature activated in LiveCD mode, you posible to "apt-get install foo" or compile and install any program.
· Libs of EFL installed with all developers feature, you have the posiblity of use Elive for make your personal EFL applications and direct install in your LiveCD for test if its run.. Where Debian meets Enlightenment. Elive is a distro of Linux based in Debian and with Enlightenment 17 for unique desktop, a system fast, light, easy and intuitive ready to use and work day after day, a system secure and very stable, a good and new experience for the end-user to wants a beautiful desktop no complicated to use
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Elive E17 Compiz
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