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Theodore Ts'o
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Ext2 Filesystems Utilities description

Ext2 Filesystem Utilities project (e2fsprogs) contain all of the standard utilities for creating, fixing, configuring , and debugging ext2 filesystems.

Here are some key features of "Ext2 Filesystems Utilities":

· e2fsprogs, which consists of e2fsck, mke2fs, debugfs, dumpe2fs, tune2fs, and most of the other core ext2fs filesystem utilities.
· dump, which will allow you to make backups of your ext2 filesystems. It uses a format which is compatible with the BSD dump and restore programs.
· defrag, which will defragment your ext2 filesystem
· ext2ed, which is a text/windows (curses) interface for examining and editing an ext2 filesystem. It unfortunately is limited to filesystems smaller than 2GB, and is heavily Intel byte order dependent, and has apparently been abandoned by its original author. (So for those people who were used to seeing ext2ed in older Linux distributions, and wondered where it went to, that's the explanation.)
· It has been integrated into e2fsprogs version 1.28, but its limitations mean that it should only be used by developers who need to generate test cases.
· FSDEXT2 --- A (read-only) ext2 filesystem driver for Windows 95, implemented as Windows 95 File System Driver (FSD). This driver is maintained by Peter van Sebille (
· Ext2fsd, An ext2 filesystem driver for Windows NT/2K/XP. The most recent version has read-write support.
· MountX, MacOS driver which allows you to mount ext2 filesystems (Linux and MkLinux) on the Macintosh.. E2fsprogs: Ext2 Filesystem Utilities. Publisher of Ext2 Filesystems Utilities, Author of Ext2 Filesystems Utilities 1.41.2. Ext2 Filesystem Utilities project (e2fsprogs) contain all of the standard utilities for creating, fixing, configuring , and debugging ext2 filesystems. Here are some key features of Ext2 Fil

Utilities - Windows - Version - Developers - Where - Linux - People - Driver - Generate - Filesystem - Cases - Limitations - Seeing - Which - Should - Those - Ext2 Filesystems Utilities - Publisher Of Ext2 Filesystems Utilities - Author Of Ext2 Filesystems Utilities 1 41 2 - Filesystems - E2fsprogs - Ext2ed
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