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Mark Pease
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ExtUtils::configPL description

ExtUtils::configPL is a Perl extension to automagically configure Perl scripts.


use ExtUtils::configPL;

no ExtUtils::configPL;


This module is used to add configuration information to a perl script, and is meant to be used with the ExtUtils::MakeMaker module.

ExtUtils::configPL is not a "normal" Perl extension. It does add or encapsulate functionality to your script, but it filters the script, replacing tags with items from the Config module, writing the resulting script to a new file.

The normal use for this module is to add the "shebang" line as the first line of a script.

use ExtUtils::ConfigPL;

would be replaced with:

#/usr/local/bin/perl -w

(or where ever your perl executable is located.)

The use ExtUtils::configPL; line must be the first line in the script! Anything that comes before that line will not be in the filtered script.

This module is intended to work with ExtUtils::MakeMaker. You would create your script, as above, with the .PL extension, and add a PL_FILE option to the WriteMakefile() call (see ExtUtils::MakeMaker for more details.)

For example:

'PL_FILES' => { 'foo.PL' => '' }

Creating the Makefile would create a rule that would call your script like:


although the line could be as simple as:

perl foo.PL

ExtUtils::configPL takes the first argument, and uses it as the name of filtered script, and will write the new script into it.


Tags are use to mark the location that a substitution will be made. By default, tags are in the form of:

where the variable is one of the variables.

The tag will be replaced anywhere it is found in the script. You can stop the substitution in a section of the script by surrounding the section like:

no ExtUtils::configPL;
# Nothing will be substituted.
use ExtUtils::configPL;
# Substituting is resumed.

The use and no lines above are removed from the filtered script so that, when you run the script, ExtUtils::configPL will not be re-ran.. The CPAN Search Site - Publisher of ExtUtils::configPL, Author of ExtUtils::configPL 1.1. ExtUtils::configPL is a Perl extension to automagically configure Perl scripts. SYNOPSIS use ExtUtils::configPL; -w ... no ExtUtils::configPL; ... This module is used to add configuration in

Create - Extension - Where - Module - Script - Lines - Normal - Section - Config - First - Filtered - Replaced - Would - Above - Extutils Configpl - Publisher Of Extutils Configpl - Author Of Extutils Configpl 1 1 - Extutils - Configpl - Makemaker - Substitution - Resumed - Substituting
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