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FDMS3-FS description

FDMS3-FS is a FUSE filesystem driver for the fostex FDMS-3 as used by the various fostex digital multitrackers, such as the FD-4, FD-8.

This driver presents the FDMS filesystem as a series of directories - one for each program (song) on the disk:


Each directory contains a number of .WAV files - one for each track:


These .wav files can then be played/mixed/ripped to disk as you want.


Step 1 - Image the hard disk (optional)

I suggest taking an image of the hard disk, rather than working with the original. Having said this, I see no reason why it would cause any problems, since no write operations are attempted. You can take an image like this:
dd if=/dev/hdd of=fostex-image.dd bs=512

This WILL take some time!

Step 2 - Mount the filesystem

./fdmsfs fostex-image.dd /mnt

If this fails, you probably have a problem with FUSE. Please check the fuse website for more help. If you are sure it's not a fuse problem, please let me know!

Step 3 - Use the .WAVs

ls /mnt

should produce a list of the available programs.

You can obviously copy the wavs somewhere else, encode them, import them into something like cubase/soundgarden or whatever. If you just want to play a song, I suggest using Audacity, which can load all the tracks for a partiular program, and play them together or mix them down.. Trapdoor Developer's Collective - The scientific art. Trapdoor Developer's Collective. A community for high quality code engineering and discussion. We support Open Source (OSS). Home of fdmsfs, decorum, jlaunch, and other projects.

Open Source - Oss - Trapdoor - Fdms - Fdmsfs - Fdms3 - Fdms-fs - Decorum
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