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File Roller description
File Roller project is an archive manager for the GNOME environment.

Archive manager means that you can:

-Create and modify archives.
-View the content of an archive.
-View a file contained in the archive.
-Extract files from the archive.

File Roller is only a front-end (a graphical interface) to archiving programs like tar and zip.

The supported file types are :

-Tar archives uncompressed (.tar) or compressed with

-gzip (.tar.gz , .tgz)
-bzip ( , .tbz)
-bzip2 (.tar.bz2 , .tbz2)
-compress (.tar.Z , .taz)
-lzop (.tar.lzo , .tzo)

-Zip archives (.zip)
-Jar archives (.jar , .ear , .war)
-Lha archives (.lzh)
-Rar archives (.rar)
-Single files compressed with gzip, bzip, bzip2, compress, lzop

File Roller has a document viewer based on bonobo that lets you view files of any type you have a viewer for.. . Publisher of File Roller, Author of File Roller File Roller project is an archive manager for the GNOME environment. Archive manager means that you can: -Create and modify archives. -View the content of an archive. -View a file contained
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Put the code in ...

File Roller
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