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company name:
Andreas Theofilu
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
fsplit description
fsplit is a command-line software to split large files into small pieces. You can define the size of the pieces to make them fit on a particular data carrier. On the target machine, you can put the pieces together and you get the original file.


?s size File size of output files. size defines the size of the output files in bytes and should not be greater than the size of the original file.
< filename > This is the name of the input file. fsplit add a number to it, to make the order of the file pieces visible and saves the output pieces under the same file name plus the ordering number.


fsplit -s 1400 testfile

This reads the file testfile and splits it in pieces of files with a size of 1400 bytes.. . Home page of Andreas Theofilu (Theos Soft)
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