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FUR filesystem

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important software information
company name:
Riccardo Di Meo
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: ? Filesystem in Userspace 2.4.2
functional limitations:
FUR filesystem description

FUR is a application that let the user mount a Windows CE based device on your Linux file system: it uses the brilliant FUSE (acronym of File system in UserSpacE of Miklos Szeredi) and the great librapi2 of the Synce Project, a unix implementation of the RAPI protocol (that your device use to communicate with your other operating $ystem ) which you can find here, along with other very nice tools.

You execute it with proper arguments, then (if everything goes fine) the entire file system of your (previously connected) handheld will appear automagically mounted like a regular Linux file system where you will be able to copy, move read and write data with your favorite programs.

FUR filesystem means FUSE use libRAPI.

What dose not?

? Not very stable, particulary if used concurrently by different processes (but should be usable).
? Not well tested.
? The source is horrible(Tm).
? The implementation is more involved than it should.
? Lack documentation.
? Not even remotely optimized.
? Configuration tools deficient.
? Random access I/O is anti-optimized.
? Write is bugged (maybe a problem with concurrent file access).
? The resource locking system (e.g. to prevent different processes to write on the same file) is only roughly implemented (there's a lot to be done).
? Total absence of a caching system of some sort (which i hope to implement, sooner or later).
? Some errors are to obscure (and maybe not well implemented).
? Some attributes (e.g. ctime) are not implemented (the needed function in the librapi2 library is not yet implemented).
? No UID/GID check: this is not a security issue: only the user that invoke the dccm demon can access the filesystem, but other users should be able to see some kind of error message (which i will implement soon).. . Publisher of FUR filesystem, Author of FUR filesystem 0.4.3. FUR is a application that let the user mount a Windows CE based device on your Linux file system: it uses the brilliant FUSE (acronym of File system in UserSpacE of Miklos Szeredi) and the g

Access - Windows - System - Tools - Device - Linux - Write - Different - Filesystem - Processes - Other - Optimized - Implement - Which - Implemented - Should - Maybe - Implementation - Fur Filesystem - Publisher Of Fur Filesystem - Author Of Fur Filesystem 0 4 3 - Librapi2 - Roughly
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