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Hex File Editor

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important software information
company name:
Keith Fenske
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: Java 1.4 or later
functional limitations:
Hex File Editor description

Hex File Editor is a Java 1.4 graphical (GUI) application to edit a file as a stream of hexadecimal digits, where each 8-bit byte is represented by two 4-bit "nibbles" (the hex digits). No meaning is attached to the digits, and hence to the contents of the file, so this editing is very raw. You can insert, delete, or replace digits or bytes, and you may view an approximate character equivalent of the digits in plain text (7-bit ASCII).

The primary purpose of a hex editor is to patch or correct specific locations within a file without affecting the rest of the file, something that most word processors can't do. A secondary purpose is to view the exact content of files. (Please read the PDF documentation included in the ZIP file. This program has been released under the GNU General Public License.). . Publisher of Hex File Editor, Author of Hex File Editor 1. Hex File Editor is a Java 1.4 graphical (GUI) application to edit a file as a stream of hexadecimal digits, where each 8-bit byte is represented by two 4-bit nibbles (the hex digits). No mea

Program - License - Public - Content - Exact - Correct - Patch - Hex File Editor - Released - Secondary - Without - Purpose - Locations - General - Within - Digits - Under - Something - Specific - Processors - Publisher Of Hex File Editor - Author Of Hex File Editor 1 - Affecting
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