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company name:
Lasse Collin & Co
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
LZMA Utils description
LZMA Utils are legacy data compression software with high compression ratio. LZMA Utils are no longer developed, although critical bugs may be fixed as long as fixing them doesn't require huge changes to the code.

Users of LZMA Utils should move to XZ Utils. XZ Utils support the legacy .lzma format used by LZMA Utils, and can also emulate the command line tools of LZMA Utils. This should make transition from LZMA Utils to XZ Utils relatively easy.

Most of LZMA Utils are under GNU GPL version 2+ or GNU LGPL version 2.1+. Some less important files are under GNU GPL version 3+.

Here are some key features of "LZMA Utils":

· gzip-like command line tools lzma, unlzma, and lzcat
· Scripts adapted from gzip to ease viewing, grepping, and comparing uncompressed contents of .lzma files
· lzmadec, a small decompression-only command line tool
· lzmainfo, a tool to view information about .lzma headers
· liblzmadec, a decompression-only library with stateful multi-call API. .
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