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Andries Brouwer
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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man-pages description

Linux documentation can be found in man pages, info files, HOWTOs and FAQs, and elsewhere. (For example, also the kernel Documentation directory contains a lot of good stuff.) A nice index for the man pages in Fedora Core 2 is found at the superman site.

Man pages belonging to programs are usually distributed together with those programs. Therefore, the Linux man-pages distribution mainly contains the pages for system calls and library routines, special devices, and file formats.. The Linux Kernel Archives.

Similar software
mp_doccer (Popularity: ) : mp_doccer is a tool that travels C code files, and extracts specially marked information to build documentation.

This documentation can be generated in HTML, man pages, or an executable shell script. The markup is very similar to that in the Linux ...

DocBook XSL Configurator (Popularity: ) : DocBook XSL Configurator is a Java (Swing) application used to create DocBook XSL FO customization layers.

DocBook XSL Configurator consists of a Java GUI used to create DocBook XSL FO customization layers.

Each table contains a group of DocBook XSL FO parameters. ...

Doxygen (Popularity: ) : Doxygen project is a documentation system for C , C, Java, Objective-C, IDL (Corba and Microsoft flavors) and to some extent PHP, C#, and D.

Here are some key features of "Doxygen":

· It can generate an on-line documentation browser (in HTML) ...

WizeHive (Popularity: ) : WizeHive is an online collaboration and task management tool built to help busy people organize their lives. It has features that resemble a cross between microfeed products such as Yammer and organizational tools such as Central Desktop and Huddle. Like ...
Crompose for Linux (Popularity: ) : Crompose contains a collection of Bash scripts which can:

1. Extract rasterized pages from a multipage document file (PS, PDF, Djvu)
2. Optionally impose them after having cropped white margins. This saves both trees and your sight.. Dip. Matematica "G. Castelnuovo" - ...

Sydebar (Popularity: ) : Sydebar is a browser sidebar generator for Python documentation.

Sydebar is a browser sidebar generator for Python documentation pages. It can generate Python documentation sidebars for all Python versions, with the documentation pages either local or on a remote web server.

Sydebar ...

STANTOR-DOMODULOR (Popularity: ) : The STANTOR-DOMODULOR system of home automation (domotic) is based on software packages in Open Source (freeware). This SCADA permits to manage electric and electronic facilities through pages WEB, I-mode, WAP 2 & 1. Stantor drive: the Velleman k8000/k8055/k8061 boards, the ...
Gimp User Manual (Popularity: ) : GIMP User Manual project is a user manual for the GIMP. It is written for the GIMP Help Browser, but can produce help pages for other formats as well.. . Publisher of Gimp User Manual, Author of Gimp User Manual ...
github-tools (Popularity: ) : Github features Git repository hosting, a download page for your Git tags (or any archive), a basic issue tracker, a wiki and static page hosting (gh-pages). It would be perfect for hosting a Python package and its documentation if gh-pages ...
WinGuard Pro 2005 Free Edition (Popularity: ) : With WinGuard Pro 2005 you can password protect your programs, windows and web pages in one easy to use program! What's more, there is also encrytption for your files and folders. It offers an all-in-one security solution for your computer. ...
MediaWiki Wiki JumpBox (Popularity: ) : MediaWiki is a powerful wiki engine originally developed for the Wikipedia project and now deployed on many sites around the world. This JumpBox includes MediaWiki version 1.9.3.

A JumpBox is a virtual appliance that bundles a server based application along with ...

MLE (Popularity: ) : MLE (Mobile Learning Engine) is a comprehensive learning application. It transfers the computer-aided and multimedia-based learning (known as eLearning) to a mobile environment (to a mobile phone). This special kind of computer-aided and multimediabased learning with a mobile device is ...
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Similar scripts
man2dbk (Popularity: ) : man2dbk converts Unix man pages to XML DocBook. It currently handles basic man pages and has eqn and tbl support.
man-pages-ca (Popularity: ) : Aquest projecte creat per la PAMCLi tA© com intenciA? la traducciA? del paquet man-pages al catalA
man-pages-cs (Popularity: ) : Preklady linuxovych manualovych stranek do cestiny NOTE: This project is abandoned, use instead
Gnome Manual Pages Editor (Popularity: ) : Gnome Manual Pages Editor is an editor for man pages that runs on X using the GTK+ libraries.
Man Page to DocBook XML/SGML Translator (Popularity: ) : Man2docbook is a platform neutral application used for translating man pages to DocBook XML/SGML. This application is implemented as a simple filter. Troff equ and tbl are supported in docbook output file and preserved for docbook->man re-generation.
ShowMan-PHP man page viewer +annotations (Popularity: ) : ShowMan is a php utility to display man pages as html...Include a annotations system...
pinfo - lynx-style info and man reader (Popularity: ) : pinfo is an info and man reader that feels similar to lynx. It hasfully configurable colors and key bindings. Pinfo supports mailto, ftp, andhttp URL's embedded into info documents and man pages via configurable external programs.
XML to Man converter (Popularity: ) : xmltoman and xmlmantohtml are two small scripts to convert xml to man pages in groff format or html. It features the usual man page items such a "description", "options", "see also" etc.
harvest (Popularity: ) : Harvest is a system to collect information and make them searchable using a web interface. Harvest can collect information on inter- and intranet using http, ftp, nntp as well as local files like data on harddisk, CDROM and files on ...
libmemcached (Popularity: ) : It has been designed to be light on memory usage, thread safe, and provide full access to server side methods.

Perl, Ruby, PHP and Python can currently using this library in some applications. Key features "libmemcached":

Synchronous and Asynchronous support.
TCP ...


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