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Paul Joseph Davis
license: Freeware
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functional limitations:
nebgb description
nebgb is a Genbank file parser library.


>>> import nebgb
>>> rec = nebgb.parse_file("./test/data/").next()
>>> rec.keywords["source"]["name"]
'house mouse'
>>> rec.features[1]["properties"]["product"]
'interferon beta, fibroblast'
>>> for seq in rec.seqiter:
... print seq

Alternatively you can use nebgb.parse() to parse a string or iterator that yields lines of a Genbank file.. .
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nebseq (Popularity: ) : nebseq is a Python module for basic biological sequence manipulations.

Import as usual

>>> import nebseq

Reverse complements

The only note here is that revcomp does not check the input sequence to see if it looks like DNA or RNA.

>>> nebseq.revcomp('ACGT')

Net::Printer (Popularity: ) : Net::Printer is a Perl module for directly printing to a print server/printer without having to create a pipe to either lpr or lp. This essentially mimics what the BSD LPR program does by connecting directly to the line printer printer ...
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