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Open Melodie

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Jos? Paumard
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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Open Melodie description

Open Melodie is an open source version of the software used in the Musee Achemenide (MAVI) project. It includes all the modules : image, data, user registration, XML interfaces and Ajax administration interfaces.

Developer comments

In a nutshell, the MAVI project is an online database of archeological artefacts (and more !) pertaining to the Achaemenid period (550 - 330 BC). The base currently holds about 8500 objects and the same amount of very high resolution images. The biggest images are 500M pixels.

There are about 25 different indexation format file in the base, happily sharing the same tables, thanks to a nifty meta model I wrote 6 years ago. The code that brings the MAVI online is old, based on old APIs (an EA version of JAXB, JDO 1.0, just for the ugliest part), and on old design pattern.

This is the reason why I chose to rewrite the project from scratch, about 18 months ago, rather than publish an obsolete piece of code, that no one (including me !) would be interested in.

This choice allowed me to introduce many new functionalities, that were not in the MAVI platform, and that were needed by users. So in the end, Open melodie is not just a translation from old fashioned code to brand new one, it is also the result of 6 years of hard work on the MAVI on the publication of scientific structured data.

Thus, Openmelodie allows one to bring online structured data, namely indexed objects, and to administer them online, in a collaborative way, with or without sharing one's work with other. The meta model is very sophisticated, and aims to be able to handle really any kind of data.

The 0.1 version is almost complete, nearly all the functionalities are here. There is a still a big effort to be done, but the main ideas are here.

How to install the project ?

First, you need to mount all the projects into the Eclipse IDE (I'm not giving you any hints on that, if you dont know what I'm talking about, then the rest is probably not for you).

You need Maven 2 and the right plugin in your Eclipse installation for everything to compile. The pom.xml are there, and apart from a build.xml in the image project, there shouldnt be any reference to my local develoment configuration. You dont need this build.xml, it's only here to show how I generated the classes from the XSD file (both provided) using JAXB.

All the server part is built on EJB 3.0 and JPA 1.0. The implementation I use is Eclipse link. There are a few annoying bugs in it, and workarounds in the code are mentionned by // TODOs. In an early version, Hibernate was used, and some Hibernate annotations are still here and there (to workaround Hibernate / JPA bugs), in comments.

To run the server, you need to tweak the persistence. xml file in the model-persistent project.

The application has been first developed in JBoss 4.2. x, but I switched to Glassfish v2. So the persistence.xml reflects that. You need to declare a data source in Glassfish for the application to work. MySQL is the target database.

To deploy the project in a Glassfish server is trivial : just build the Ear project (there is nothing in it apart from the declaration of the EAR file), and drop it in Glassfish. You can do that in a standalone Glassfish, or in the server view of Eclipse. I have not tested it again in JBoss, but it should work the same. Just beware the naming of the EJBs, and the data source.. . SourceForge presents the Open Melodie project. Open Melodie is an open source application. SourceForge provides the world's largest selection of Open Source Software. Open Melodie is the open source version of the software used in the MusA©e AchA©mA©nide (MAVI) project. It includes all the modules : image, data, user registration, XML interfaces and Ajax administration interfaces.

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