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company name:
Paul Alfille
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
OWFS description
OWFS is a method under Linux to allow 1-wire devices to appear like files in a directory. You can then enter a command like "cat */temperature" to have all the temperatures sensors measure and print their data.

For instance, the collection of temperature sensors above are all on one bus, individually addressable, and will reconfigure on the fly as items are added or removed. Each device is it's own directory with it's own properties.

- The host platform is Linux for owfs and POSIX (Linux and BSDs) for owhttpd.
- The 1-wire bus host adapter can be Serial port (ibuttonlink, DS9097E and DS9097) or USB (DS9490 or PuceBaboon).
- 1-wire devices supported include temperature sensors, switches, memory, hubs. See Support Table.
- The filesystem runs in user space, using the FUSE kernel module.
- The system is multithreaded for improved performance.. owfs Development Site - OWFS 1-Wire File System.
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