Download pycuda - PyCuda is a library that lets you access Nvidia's CUDA parallel computation API from Python
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Andreas Kloeckner
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pycuda description
PyCuda is a library that lets you access Nvidia's CUDA parallel computation API from Python. Several wrappers of the CUDA API already exist-so what's so special about PyCuda?

* Object cleanup tied to lifetime of objects. This idiom, often called RAII in C++, makes it much easier to write correct, leak- and crash-free code. PyCuda knows about dependencies, too, so (for example) it won't detach from a context before all memory allocated in it is also freed.
* Convenience. Abstractions like pycuda.driver.SourceModule and pycuda.gpuarray.GPUArray make CUDA programming even more convenient than with Nvidia's C-based runtime.
* Completeness. PyCuda puts the full power of CUDA's driver API at your disposal, if you wish.
* Automatic Error Checking. All CUDA errors are automatically translated into Python exceptions.
* Speed. PyCuda's base layer is written in C++, so all the niceties above are virtually free.. .
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