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Miek Gieben
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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rdup description
rdup is a utility inspired by rsync and the plan9 way of doing backups. rdup itself does not backup anything. rdup project only prints a list of files that are changed, or all files in case of a null dump, to standard output.

rdup prints a filelist to standard output. This list is relative to FILELIST. Subsequent programs in a pipe line can be used to actually implement to backup scheme. If FILELIST is empty or non existant all files in DIR are dumped.

This is the same as a null dump. After a run a new FILELIST is written. No warning is given when FILELIST is an existing file, it just gets overwritten by rdup. New runs will print out only those files that have actually changed since the last run, thereby making incremental backups possible.

Files are checked for changes by comparing the m_time (modification time), if this time is NEWER than the m_time of FILELIST the pathname is printed to standard output. All errors are written to standard error.

The general idea is to be very unix like and create a bunch of simple programs which each do a their specific thing very well. With rdup and a small shell script (50 lines) one can implement encrypted and compressed backups.. . NLnet Labs Website
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