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Jason Robbins
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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ReadySET description

ReadySET is an open source project to produce and maintain a library of reusable software engineering document templates.

These templates provide a ready starting point for the documents used in software development projects. Using good templates can help developers work more quickly, but they also help to prompt discussion and avoid oversights.

This is an open source project that you are welcome to use for free and help make better. Existing packages of software engineering templates are highly costly and biased by the authorship of only a few people, by vendor-client relationships, or by the set of tools offered by a particular vendor.

These templates are in pure XHTML with CSS, not a proprietary file format. That makes them easier to edit and to track changes using freely available tools and version control systems. The templates are designed to always be used on the web; they use hyperlinks to avoid duplicating information.

The templates are not burdened with information about individual authorship or document change history. It is assumed that professional software developers will keep all project documents in version control systems that provide those capabilities.

These templates are not one-size-fits-all and they do not attempt to provide prescriptive guidance on the overall development process. We are developing a broad library of template modules for many purposes and processes.

The templates may be filled out in a suggested sequence or in any sequence that fits your existing process. They may be easily customized with any text or HTML editor.

Here are some key features of "ReadySET":

· High-quality outlines, sample text, and checklists.
· Uses simple web technologies: Pure XHTML and CSS.
Templates for many common software engineering documents. Including:
· Project proposal template
· Project plan template
· Use case template
· QA plan template
· Several design templates
· System test case template. CollabNet, Facilitating Collaborative Software Development

Enterprise - Java - Web Services - Issue Tracking - Defect Tracking - Scm - Version Control - Open Source - Collaboration - Configuration Management - Software Development - Outsourcing - Cm - Unit Testing - Software Engineering - Revision Control - Software Configuration Management - Collaborative Software Development
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