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company name:
Claudio Panichi
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: ??? bash on any (?) posix system
functional limitations:
RFC description
RFC (Remote Filesystem Checker) is a set of scripts that aims to help System-Administrators run a filesystem-checker (like tripwire, aide and so on...) from a "master-node" to several "slave-nodes" using ssh, scp, sudo and few other co

Here are some key features of "RFC":

??? crate/update FileSystem-Checker's (FSC) database
??? execute FSC and create a log-report
??? allow parallel execution, mass-check and mass-upgrade!
??? support non-interactive operations
??? use scp/ssh for all connections
??? use an arbitrary port for ssh/scp connections (may be different for each host!)
??? send (ONE) email to administrator(s)
??? rotate logs, databases and other files
??? support for AFICK, AIDE and INTEGRIT FileSystem-Checkers
??? check users creation/removal
??? check group creation/removal
??? check if someone changes UID, GID or shell
??? check for group's members or ID changes
??? check for SUID/SGID on remote host via a separate PERL script
??? check if remote-host is up before run checks on it (via nmap)
??? kill the processes that take too long (you can set an arbitrary timeout value). RFC (Remote Filesystem Checker).
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