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company name:
Sebastien Boillod
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Slackware
functional limitations:
Spack description

Spack is a package generator designed for Slackware Linux and/or its derivatives. If you are a lazy Slacker which hates writing SlackBuilds, there is a chance for you to find something interesting here...

Spack aims to shrink drastically the code you are required to write to make a decent Slackware package. In order to achieve this goal, it manages for you all of the redundant tasks which are relative to the Slackware packaging policy (like fix permissions, compress the manuals, strip the binaries, fetch the docs, and so on... ), just letting you build and put your software in a temporary root.

It results that your code is faster to write, easier to maintain, and clearer for others. For instance, here is the typical piece of code you will have to write (if you have/choose to do it, since Spack has also a little built-in packaging process which can deal with many things without requiring a single line of code from you):

./configure --prefix=$prefix
make DESTDIR=$pkgdir || exit 1

Trivial isn't it? but maybe, as you read this, you hear a little (and wise) voice which says "I know this kind of magic tool, which becomes a nightmare of workarounds as soon as things are a little bit more tricky". This little voice is often right, but not this time because Spack is thought to let you a total control on the code. If you want or need it, you can selectively disable each of steps it manages for you, then use your own code (possibly a complete SlackBuild) to get things in the way you want.. Spack: the S(eb's|lack) packager. Home page of the Spack project, a flexible and simple package generator for Linux Slackware and its derivates.

Voice - Configure - Single - Process - Things - Write - Piece - Package - Prefix - Little - Slackware - Packaging - Manages - Choose - Which - Instance - Spack - Publisher Of Spack - Author Of Spack 2 0 - Destdir - Pkgdir - Typical
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