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Storage Resource Broker

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company name:
UCSD Technology Transfer and General Atomics
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
Storage Resource Broker description

Storage Resource Broker is client-server middleware that provides a uniform interface for connecting to heterogeneous data resources over a network and accessing replicated data sets.

SRB, in conjunction with the Metadata Catalog (MCAT), provides a way to access data sets and resources based on their attributes and/or logical names rather than their names or physical locations.

Starting with SRB 2.1.1 we now have an install script,, that can do a complete Postgres, MCAT and SRB installation. See README.MCAT.INSTALL. With SRB 3.0.0, this script can run on Solaris too, as well as the original Linux and Mac OS X.

The SEA authentication system is no longer recommended; for the secure authentication use either the ENCRYPT1 form of MDAS_AUTH authentication, or GSI. It should be noted that if the SEA authentication scheme is to be used and if the SEA library (libsea.a) does not already exist on your build platform, the SEA software that can be downloaded at the
URL must be built first.

1) Build configuration.
This version uses the configure script to configure the build. Most of the configurable parameters for building the SRB server and client can be configured using the "./configure" script. Run "./configure --help" for more information.

All configurable parameters for building the SRB server and the client library, including those set by the configure script, are defined in the mk/ file. (The configure script automatically generates a third file, mk/mk.config, using mk/ as a

Those parameters that cannot be modified via the configure script (because flags for those parameters have not yet been implemented) are set by directly editing the mk/ file prior to running "./configure". Comments in the mk/ file make it clear whether or not a particular parameter can be set through the configure. UCSD Technology Transfer and General Atomics - Publisher Page of Storage Resource Broker - Publisher of Storage Resource Broker, Author of Storage Resource Broker 3.5.0. Storage Resource Broker is client-server middleware that provides a uniform interface for connecting to heterogeneous data resources over a network and accessing replicated data sets. SRB, i

Software - Server - Configure - Library - Script - Build - Client - Building - Install - Resources - Config - Configurable - Parameters - Names - Authentication - Using - Provides - Defined - Their - Those - Storage Resource Broker - Publisher Of Storage Resource Broker - Author Of Storage Resource Broker 3 5 0
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