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Userspace XBox/XBox360 USB Gamepad Driver

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company name:
Ingo Ruhnke
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: ??? libusb
functional limitations:
Userspace XBox/XBox360 USB Gamepad Driver description
Userspace XBox/XBox360 USB Gamepad Driver is a Linux driver for Xbox's USB gamepad.

The Story

Long story short, the xpad kernel driver that comes with the Linux kernel doesn't work with the XBox360 gamepad and the newer ones found in the xbox-linux CVS trees, works in theory, but currently just crashes for me. So I wrote my one and due to lack of Linux kernel knowledge one that works with libusb in userspace. As a nice side effect this makes it much easier to configure the gamepad for games with special requirements.

Here are some key features of "Userspace XBox/XBox360 USB Gamepad Driver":

??? runs in userspace on top of libusb, no kernel recompile required, very easy to get started
??? gives you what you would expect from a driver, like a normal joystick device and a event device
??? allows you to handle analog-triggers as a single z-axis, as buttons or as seperate axis
??? allows you to handle the dpad as buttons or as axis
??? allows you to set the LED status of the XBox360 gamepad
??? allows you to set the rumble motors, for use in scripts for new mail notification. Pingus - A journey into the unknown... [Release 0.7.2 out now!].
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