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Tony Sales
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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Vinux description
Vinux is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), designed especially for visually impaired users.

Developer comments

You can use Vinux as a Live CD, a portable operating system on a USB memory stick (Using Unetbootin) or you can install it to your hard drive either alongside or as a replacement for Windows. In order to fit all of the accessibility settings on the CD I have had to remove some applications including: The GIMP graphical image manipulation program, the F-Spot photo-manager, Gnome Games and the Ekiga voice over IP package. You can easily reinstall these and many more open-source applications if you choose to install it on your hard-drive. I used the RemasterSys package to create Vinux and I have included this package on the CD in case you want to make your own customised Live CD. N.B. The default username and password is \"orca\", and this will be retained even if you install it to your hard-drive, no matter what you type in during the installation process. (You can change this by typing \"sudo passwd orca\" into a terminal and then typing the new password twice)

As always I would of course appreciate any feedback on Vinux. Post any feedback: good, bad or just plain ugly on this thread.


What follows is a list of keystrokes you can use to control the screen-reader and magnification software. I will only provide a few basic keystrokes for Orca to get you started as they are all listed in the preferences window and are unchanged from the default settings. I have provided an exaustive list of the magnification/display keystrokes as I have customised them to make them easier to remember!


Open Preferences Window: insert+space
Open Main Menu: alt+F1
Move Through Menu/Text: up, down, left and right
Move Through Form: tab, shift+tab
Toggle Voice On/Off: insert+s
Quit Orca: insert+q


Toggle Magnification On/Off: insert+m
Increase Magnification: insert+(plus)
Decrease Magnification: insert+(minus)


Zoom In: win+z (win+left-mouse)
Zoom Out: win+x (win+right-mouse)

Zoom x1: win+1
Zoom x2: win+2
Zoom x4: win+3

Toggle Magnifier Box: win+m
Zoom In Magnifier Box: ctrl+left-mouse
Zoom Out Magnifier Box: ctrl+right-mouse

Resize Window: win+r
Zoom To Window: win+w


Pan Right: win+right
Pan Left: win+left
Pan Up: win+up
Pan Down: win+down

Lock Zoomed Window: win+l

Centre Mouse Pointer: win+c
Toggle Highlight Mouse Pointer: win+h


Toggle Invert Colours: win+i
Toggle Invert Window Colours: shift+win+i

Toggle Filter Colours: win+f
Toggle Window Filter Colours: shift+win+f
Switch Filter Colours: win+s

Decrease Window Brightness: win+(minus)
Increase Window Brightness: win+(plus)

Decrease Window Saturation: shift+win+(plus)
Increase Window Saturation: shift+win+(minus)

Toggle Dim Inactive Windows: win+d


Open a Terminal: ctrl+shift+t
Open the Home Directory: ctrl+shift+h
Toggle Window Maximisation: ctrl+shift+m
Toggle Full-screen Mode: ctrl+shift+f

This list of keystrokes will automatically load into Gedit when Vinux boots!. . The VINUX (Vinux Is Not Ubuntu but gnu/linuX) Project Page at an Ubuntu remix for the Visually Impaired!
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