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wcp description
wcp is the client component of an archive program, wcpd is the server. It copies local files to another location which is either on the local disk or on a remote server. wcp avoids unneccessary copies by using hardlinks.

wcp doesn't store the copied files on a backup medium like tape or DVD, it's also not my recommended tool for full system backups. It's more meant to store directory trees like home directories, source code etc.

wcp was inspired by a document I read about the plan9 operating system. The text was about the plan9 fileserver that ran together with an archival system. The fileserver created snapshots on the current server content, offering the snapshots (readonly of course) to the users as a part of the regular fileserver. As I understood the text the plan9 server does this snapshot'ing on the filesystem's block level. wcp does something similiar, but on file level.. .
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