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Dammit - The speed dial buttons to your files, folders and recent documents.

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important software information
company name:
Michael Gobel
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Dammit - The speed dial buttons to your files, folders and recent documents. description

Call 1 for your Documents.
Call 2 for your Dropbox.
Call 3 for your Pictures.

And for your recently used files you don't need to call at all.
They are right there.
At your fingertips.

Dammit is now optimized for the awesome new Retina display.
Dammit can now show you your recently used documents as well.

Dammit. Where is that important folder?
Dammit. Do I have all the files for my latest application?
Dammit. Why did I just closed that Finder window? Again?
Dammit. Where is that document I just used a minute ago?

Even the best computers in the world with the most advanced system have one problem:
Us humans sitting in front of them, dealing with our daily obstacles.

Dammit will of, course, not solve every problem
- but it will surely make your life much easier.

Think of Dammit as the speed dial buttons to your most often used and most important files, folders and recently used documents.

Just create a stack.
Add up to nine files or folders per stack and simply open them with the keys 1-9.
Or just click on them. Of course, you can create unlimited stacks and you can add whatever you want.

Folders, images, Apps, bookmarks and even drives and servers.

Swipe between Stacks and replace items in a blink by drag-and-drop.

If needed - you can lock items or even flag them.

Dammit runs in the background,
can be activated with your own custom Global Hotkey
and if you like, you can disable the Dock icon.

Dammit has a very small footprint,
is optimized for speed and can be operated completely by keyboard.

So - why not replace the daily:
Dammit. Where is that folder again?
Dammit, what a great little helper!

Productivity - Michael Gobel - Dammit - The Speed Dial Buttons To Your Files - Folders And Recent Documents
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Dammit - The speed dial buttons to your files, folders and recent documents.
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supported os's
    Mac OS X
downloads 6
price $2.99
version 1.0.2
user rating 5/10
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