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Email Contacts Extractor

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Hermes Pique
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Email Contacts Extractor description
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Export all your email contacts from Apple Mail in just a few minutes. Sort them by name, last message date, rating or contact frequency. Works with Gmail and any other service that can be added to Mail.

Email Contacts Extractor scans all your email messages from Mail and extracts the email address, name and last message date of each contact. Without duplicates and by ignoring the most common robot accounts.

The result is a CSV file that can be opened in Numbers, Excel or OpenOffice, or imported to MailChimp.

The app is perfect for:

* Creating a personal mailing list
* Backup all your contacts before closing an account
* Gaining insight about your email usage. Who are your most frequent contacts? Who did you email with in the last year?

Planning to send a mass email to your contacts? Email Contacts Extractor is designed to minimize the bounce and complaint rate of your mailing list:

* No duplicates
* Robot accounts such as *no-reply@* are ignored
* Customize the blacklist to ignore emails from a certain domain (ie: your company)
* Filter out meager contacts with automatic ratings

You can also filter your list manually: the app counts how many time each contact appears in the From, To, Cc and Bcc fields of incoming and outgoing email, and this can also be included in the resulting CSV file.

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Email Contacts Extractor
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