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HTML5 and CSS 101 - Hypertext Markup Language

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HTML5 and CSS 101 - Hypertext Markup Language description

Join Elisabeth Robson and Eric Freeman as they embark on a fun project: creating a fully functional and attractive website using HTML5 and CSS...
We all spend a lot of time visiting websites. It's where we get information, learn new skills (like at MPV!) and do our shopping. A well-designed web site is much like a beautiful house, with its well-planned layout and attractive look & feel that makes it appealing and comfortable. Great web design is what Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson are all about! And in this coursea€”the second course of their multi-part series covering HTML and CSSa€”you'll start creating your "home on the web", step by step, using nothing but a text editor!

Think of a website's wireframe as an architect*s blueprint: this is where you decide where everything will go and what space it will occupy. Like building a house, it's important to get your website mapped out and diagrammed before you start putting in the all-important contents! Elisabeth and Eric show you the ins and outs of this process and explain all the important things you need to keep in mind during a site*s design phase.

Next it's time to start adding the details that give your site its unique look: CSS to the rescue! Our web design experts walk you through the writing of your first line of CSS, to give you a taste of what's to come...on your way to creating an awesome-looking and fully functional website!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Designing a Web Page
3. Looking at the Mockups
4. Creating a Wireframe
5. Mapping the Wireframe to HTML
6. Creating a Standard HTML Page
7. Understanding the Doctype
8. Organizing Your Files
9. Strategy for Entering HTML
10. Adding the Header
11. Adding the Main Content and Sidebar
12. The BR Element
13. Understanding URLs
14. Adding the Anchors
15. A Deeper Look at Attributes
16. A look at the Other Pages
17. A Little Interruption
18. The DIV Element
19. Adding DIVs to the Pages
20. Seeing the DIV*s effect on the Pages
21. Adding Some Identity
22. A Sneak Preview
23. Adding a Footer
24. Handling Special Characters
25. Validating Your Pages
26. Another Look at META
27. What*s next?

Productivity - Appdesigner Com Inc - Html5 And Css 101 - Hypertext Markup Language
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HTML5 and CSS 101 - Hypertext Markup Language
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