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Lock Screen Plus

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Chanok Opapongpunt
license: Shareware
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Lock Screen Plus description
#Featured in CultofMac, Mac.AppStrom, MacObserver, HamWeg, addictivetips, Freemac

Lock Screen Plus is a secure and beautiful lock screen application combining with a weather forecast. You can swipe keyboard, swipe trackpad, or single click to unlock screen. You can choose a variety of themes (totally free!) which have different layouts and unique unlock styles. **

The application provides a variety of themes starting with 20 themes and we are adding themes continuously. Each theme has different layout, clock, wifi, battery bar, weather forecast, and also unique unlock styles. **

The application also provide a variety of preferences so you can customize your lock screen as you want. List of key options are
* Choose wallpaper, time format, lock sound, and custom lock text.
* Choose an animation when lock and unlock screen (such as zoom, fade, rise up etc.)
* Choose weather source ( NOAA or ) , location, and unit.
* Choose unlock method - You can choose either keyboard, trackpad, or mouse to unlock screen.
* Set password for security. You can also set password to unlock screen or even to open preferences.
* Lock screen when inactive or sleep.
* Lock screen at Login.
* Lock hotkey.
* Battery status and internet connection.
* Variety of themes.**

For more information, please visit and

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Lock Screen Plus
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