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Money Plus - Budgets & Tracker

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Alex Rastorgouev
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Money Plus - Budgets & Tracker description

Money Plus helps you manage all of your finances quickly and effortlessly. See exactly where your money is going and where you can save more.

A?A“* View any date range you like or quickly select the current week, month, or year.
A?A“* Your Expenses, Income and Top Expense Categories all on one page
A?A“* Income & Expense graph breaks down your personal finances
A?A“* Quick Statistics of your financial situation
A?A“* All of the graphs are interactive!

A?A“* Money Plus puts all of your transactions in the way that you decide you want to view them
A?A“* Choose to breakdown your finances Daily, Weekly or Monthly
A?A“* Star your important entries!
A?A“* Switch to show only your Expenses, Income or Starred transactions
A?A“* Easily edit any entry

A?A“* Create as many different categories as you like
A?A“* Multiplicity of distinctions to choose from to represent your categories
A?A“* See how your finances break down by category
A?A“* Money Plus makes it extremely easy to manage and personalize your categories

Budget Smarter
A?A“* Money Plus makes budgeting smart and easy!
A?A“* Create as many budgets as you like for any of your categories
A?A“* Choose your budget amount as a percentage of your Income
A?A“* Adjust your budgets along the way!
A?A“* Money Plus helps you set and stick to a smart money plan

A?A“* Money Plus comes with many gorgeous graphs to help you visualize you finances
A?A“* Every graph is interactive!
A?A“* See exactly where you are spending more and start saving immediately

Other Key Features
A?A“* Password Protection - safeguard your finances!
A?A“* Choose from a large list of currencies
A?A“* Recurring Transactions
A?A“* Free Customer Support - answers are just a click away
A?A“* Built-In Calculator

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Money Plus - Budgets & Tracker
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