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Ouvert - tools in Java

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Ouvert - tools in Java description

Tools developed in Java.

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POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL in JAVA (Popularity: ) : gavamail is a POP3/IMAP server implemented in JAVA for reading your gmail e-mail with your favorite mail client. Currently only POP3 is implemented but I hope to implement IMAP too. Libraries provided by the g4j and libgmail projects are used.
EasyLicenser for Mac (Popularity: ) : EasyLicenser provides software license management and copy protection for applications developed in Java and C/C++, as well as all languages that are capable of calling out to C and Java, on 32- and 64-bit Windows, Linux, Solaris Intel and Solaris ...
TimeCache Manager for Mac (Popularity: ) : TimeCache Manager gives you the tools to easily handle an office full of TimeCache 8.0 users. It helps you provide the lists that TimeCache users need for entering their time and expenses and keep everybody in synch.

You can also consolidate ...

BlueWriter - Java RTF Editor (Popularity: ) : BlueWriter is a word processor built in Java that focuses on being small and simple.
EuroBudget, Free Java Accounting Tool (Popularity: ) : Eurobduget, Small Office Software written in Java, is one of the first free personnal accounting tool. Webstart Enabled.Could be seen as a small free Microsoft Money or Quicken.
Java ISDN Monitor (Popularity: ) : This app is a clone of kisdnmon ( which will be mainly designed to run under Windows (but under Linux as well). Alongside JIsdnMon there is a server written in java called JIsdnCallServer.
Java Portfolio Management Components (Popularity: ) : A collection of portfolio management components. Sharpe Model for selection of an initial portfolio is already implemented. A genetic algorithms package, also written in java, is used for the search of the best portfolio variants.
Mercator, Java Point of Sale (Popularity: ) : Mercator is a Point of Sale (POS) application written in Java. It is a OO, multi-purpose transaction engine that supports general retail and quick-order restaurant environments using standard POS peripherals (JavaPOS) and/or menu interface.
InspectMaster Inspection Reporting Software (Popularity: ) : Home Inspection Reporting Software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Ease of use and unique features allow home inspectors to easily create elegant, easy-to-read inspection reports in a minimum amount of time and with the maximum amount of enjoyment. ...
MacForensicsLab for Mac (Popularity: ) : A complete suite of forensics and analysis tools in one cohesive software package. Combining the power of many individual functions into one application in order to provide a single solution for law enforcement professionals and digital forensic investigators. When you ...
Outline Beamer Class Presentation Maker (Popularity: ) : This perl script helps users to create LaTeX Beamer Class presentations with the lowest effort possible. Just write an indented outline, the script does the rest. Status: useable (already in productive use by developer)
OV511 Webcam driver for BSD (Popularity: ) : A simple-minded image capture program for USB webcams based on the OmniVision Technologies OV511/OV511+ bridge chip attached to an OV7610 CCD imager.
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Active Dhtml Drop Down Menu In Java Script (Popularity: ) : Active Dhtml Drop Down Menu In Java Script is a multi-platform compatible script that allows you to quickly be adding a great drop down menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and much more. Advanced yet both ...
Effective XML processing with DOM and XPath in Java (Popularity: ) : Based on an analysis of several large XML projects, this article examines how to make effective and efficient use of DOM in Java. The DOM offers a flexible and powerful means for creating, processing, and manipulating XML documents, but it ...
New Statistics Tools in MATLAB(R) and the Statistics ToolboxTM (Popularity: ) : These are the M-files that accompany the webinar titled "New Statistics Tools in MATLAB and the Statistics Toolbox." View the recorded webinar here: webinar goes through 2 demos, described below:1) Analysis of survival data from motion controllers - this demo ...
Easy PCB Design Software in Java (Popularity: ) : jEzPCB - Easy PCB Design Software in Java : The main goal of this project is to provide PCB Designers and Electronic Engineers with powerful and easy-to-use development environment for the design of PCB Layout, Schematic, and re-usable PCB component ...
RDF Editor in Java (Popularity: ) : This is an RDF editor written in Java(Swing) and uses xerces. Using this editor it will be very easy to write RDF documents and then generate reports. It will have support to generate reports on the fly using ARP: Another ...
JMK - Make in Java (Popularity: ) : Make in Java (jmk) is an application which is used to ensure that a set of files is in a consistent state. The application is based on the make utility which is part of most Unix systems, but is designed ...
Abap interpreter written in java (Popularity: ) : Abap interpreter written in java
JLog/JScriptLog - Prolog in Java* (Popularity: ) : JLog is a Prolog interpreter written in Java. It is fast and perfectly suited for education. It includes source editor, query panels, online help, animation primitives, and a GUI debugger. JScriptLog is Prolog in JavaScript.
Interpreter of C++ in JAVA language (Popularity: ) : Interpreter of C++ in JAVA language (1.4.2)

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