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Strip - Password Manager and Data Vault

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Zetetic LLC
license: Shareware
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Strip - Password Manager and Data Vault description
Strip is a simple and secure data vault that makes it easy for you to store and look up passwords, financials, and personal information while keeping those safe from unauthorized access by would-be crackers, malicious thieves, and snoopy colleagues. Having protected sensitive data for over 12 years on mobile devices, Strip for Mac OS X brings the convenience and high-security of our highly-rated iOS app back to the Mac.


Strip is the only password manager app that uses open source, peer reviewed, full database encryption technology. Called SQLCipher, the data storage system for Strip uses established security practices like CBC mode encryption, PBKDF2 key derivation, randomized initialization vectors, and unique per-database salts. You can learn more about SQLCipher and get to the source code here:


a?“ Full data editor
a?“ 256-bit AES encryption and secure password protection for 100% of the data you enter
a?“ Personalized categories to match your organizational style
a?“ Customizable entries, no pre-built forms, just whatever you need
a?“ In-app copy-and-paste support for categories and entries, making heavy data entry and templating easy
a?“ 40 professionally designed color icons for personalizing your entries
a?“ Native Mac OS look and responsiveness that is similar to built-in Mac OS apps
a?“ Import new entries from a CSV spreadsheet file (e.g. from other Password managers)
a?“ Export to a CSV spreadsheet file to print or keep unencrypted copies
a?“ Provides synchronization and backup service on your local WiFi network
a?“ Synchronize your Strip data across multiple devices like iPhone and iPad
a?“ Maintain multiple database backups over time
a?“ Restore your Strip data on iOS without iTunes


Strip is designed to work seamlessly with Strip for iOS on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Sync with your mobile device over a WiFi network to keep your secure data with you at all times, even if you don't have your computer. Strip for iOS is available as a separate purchase - visit for more details and a product tour!

Note: Strip is not a web-browser plugin, it does not support Keychain, and does not provide web browser autofill services. Strip stands for Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords. Learn more at

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Strip - Password Manager and Data Vault
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    Mac OS X 10.6
downloads 28
price $9.99
version 1.2.7
user rating 5/10
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