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CUPS-PDF description

CUPS-PDF is a backend module for CUPS(Mac OS X's printing system) by Volker C. Behr that, rather than printing to a device, prints straight to PDF files.

Why use this rather than a simple "Save as PDF" in the print dialog?
Pressing return is faster.
Batch-print through the writer to convert documents to PDF.
Common save location for all generated PDFs.
Installation (Snow Leopard)

Install the package
Open System Preferences and go to Printing.
Click on Add Printer (the + at the bottom).
"CUPS-PDF" should be in the list, select it.
Select "Postscript" from the "Print Using" menu and pick "Generic postscript color printer"

Use: Print to the printer normally. The output will be in /Users/Shared/CUPS-PDF in a folder with your user account's name. Feel free to make an alias to this folder on your desktop or put it in the Dock.
Universal Binary

Printing Tool
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