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company name:
Junio C Hamano
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
GIT description

GIT is the stupid content tracker.

Here are some key features of "GIT":

· Documentation is in much better shape. Thanks everybody.
· Two grave bugs in 'git fetch' were caught and fixed. One is "Fix fetching of tags", the other is "Fix pulling into the same branch.".
· We have archimport (unfortunately undocumented yet), and cvsimport is being improved.
· Revert, rebase and cherry-pick are done using three-way merge, not a straight patch application.
· 'git commit' should be a bit easier to use than before in initial commits and merge commits.
· 'git applymbox' is a bit more accomodating and it should be easier to handle MIME patches than before.
· As usual, comes with more recent gitk.
· Better merge algorithms and the infrastructure are being worked on by Daniel and Fredrik; they are not in this release yet.. . Publisher of GIT, Author of GIT GIT is the stupid content tracker. Here are some key features of GIT: · Documentation is in much better shape. Thanks everybody. · Two grave bugs in 'git fetch' were caught and f

Merge - Infrastructure - Application - Release - Handle - Easier - Straight - Patch - Daniel - Before - Initial - Worked - Algorithms - Should - Being - Commit - Git - Publisher Of Git - Author Of Git 1 6 5 3 - Commits - Applymbox - Accomodating - Fredrik
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