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important software information
company name:
Benjamin Han
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
JunkMatcher description

JunkMatcher is a cocktail-styled spam filter for on OS X . It filters spam by conducting a wealth of tests over emails. Two types of tests are available: property tests can detect general characteristics of spam using techniques such as naive Bayesian filtering and blacklist lookup (checking if a message was sent from a spamming IP address), and pattern tests can spot keywords such as "v1agra" or "\/Iagr a" by using patterns written in regular expressions.

JunkMatcher integrates tightly with and OS X. You don't need to keep a second app running in order to use it - the filter will automagically spring into action via a rule within! You can even use it with's built-in filter if you wish. JunkMatcher also knows your Address Book, and you can train emails as spam/ham (good emails) directly from within, etc.

JunkMatcher is extremely configurable. The GUI lets you tweak a gazillion of settings, analyze mis-classified emails, and even design your own pattern tests to catch more spam. You can write patterns to match many "views" of cleanly distilled emails such as the headers, the subject, the body, and even the text rendering for HTML emails. You can also check on what JunkMatcher has done in the past and correct its mistakes if necessary, all from a very friendly GUI.

JunkMatcher evolves, too. In addition to the built-in Bayesian classifier that learns from mistakes, you can also download new pattern updates directly within the JunkMatcher GUI.


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    Mac OS X 10.3
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version 1.6.1
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