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Mail Act-On 2.3.1 Beta

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indev Software
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Mail Act-On 2.3.1 Beta description
Mail Act-On fills in crucial gaps in Mail’s feature set, making it a must-have plug-in for anyone who deals with copious emails. Mail Act-On gives you the power to efficiently organize your messages after you have made your decisions of how best to handle them. With Mail Act-On, you define rules to apply actions and you run those rules on selected messages with simple keystrokes, saving you time and effort.


Reduce the effort required to manage your email:
<li>Perform multiple actions on messages in a fraction of a second and eliminate time consuming and error prone manual organization such as drag and drop message filing.

Process multiple messages simultaneously:
<li>A single keystroke can apply multiple rules on your selected messages. Different actions will be taken depending on the characteristics of each message, letting you clear your inbox even faster.

Organize more than just your inbox:
<li>Outbox rules give you the power to apply organization actions to messages you send.. Apply Act-On rules to related messages to organize older messages, no matter where they are located.

Flexible and efficient interface:
<li>Mail Act-On's interface is always a keystroke away when you need it, and it quickly disappears when you are finished. Alternatively you can lock it open to organize multiple messages in rapid-fire succession

Move messages by keystroke only:
<li>Mail Act-On’s interface includes the ability to move or copy messages to any folders by keystroke, even if you don’t have an Act-On rule for a particular mailbox.
<li>Preferred mailboxes allows you to quickly configure your number keys to move messages to specific mailboxes for even faster filing of messages.

Easy rule configuration:
<li>Act-On integrates its Outbox and Act-On rules seamlessly into Mail's rule editor. If you have created a regular Mail rule, you can create an Act-On rule.

Undo rules:
<li>Go ahead, make mistakes. Mail Act-On can undo your last rule application, no matter how many messages were affected or how complex the actions were.

Preview, don’t read:
<li>Mail Act-On lets you control when you mark a message read. Set it to immediately, after a delay, or never for better control over items in your inbox.

Works with all Mail accounts:
<li>Mail Act-On will work with all types of messages and accounts: POP, IMAP, GMail, RSS items and notes.

Integrates with other Mail plugins:
<li>Mail Act-On works with other Mail plug-ins such as MailTags and MiniMail to improve organization and efficiency of your email experience.

Limitations: 30-day trial.

Intel Required

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