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PowerMail 6.1.5 Beta

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important software information
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CTM Development
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
PowerMail 6.1.5 Beta description

PowerMail is a quick and powerful alternative e-mail client with enhanced filtering mechanisms. Built on top of the PowerMail Engine, a robust cross-platform foundation.

Designed to integrate well with iPhone, Time Machine, Spotlight, Apple Mail import/export and other modern technologies, PowerMail also delivers the latest in 3rd-party services integration, from Growl notification to Kagi instant purchasing, from Smart Reports to auto-updating application services.

<strong> Features:</strong>

• Casual-use styled-text to create HTML-formatted messages
• Optional indexing of HTML-parts
• Modern Finder-like lists
• Ability to find and view message threads
• Quick Look display of text, graphic and multimedia attachments within the application
• Display of messages in Finder and FoxTrot Professional without PowerMail launched
• Address book synchronization with MobileMe and e-mail coexistence with iPhoneMail
• Batch import of mail databases and address book from Apple Mail and Thunderbird
• Match and merge imported folders into existing folders
• Two-click export of all mail folders and address book to Apple Mail and Thunderbird
• Mail archiving to circumvent the 2GB single-database limitation
• Service messages and notifications via Growl
• A filter debugger can log in clear text how a message is processed
• Made the application self-updating upon launch; download once and auto-update to revised builds.
• Automated purchasing/registration process using Kagi within the PowerMail for immediate satisfaction.

Universal Binary

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