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Abby First Words

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22learn, LLC
license: Shareware
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Abby First Words description

Abby First Words offers you two exciting game modes: Learning and Game! and seven word categories: Animals, Fruits & Vegetables, Common Words, Colors, Numbers, Fairy Tales, and Shapes (the possibility to make a mixture of these (My Words category), or to be examined from all of the words (All Words category) is also included).
The main menu is full of animated pictures and can direct you to the desired game mode and more -- just tap on the matching icon there!
Once you start the app, tap on your desired avatar, which will automatically redirect you to the menu for a choice of a word category and subsequently for a choice of the game mode.
In the avatar menu, you can find icons for information about the game, settings and scores.
Scores store the best scores obtained in the game. The scores are calculated progressively with more points being awarded in each subsequent level. The maximum amount is 2000.
In the settings, there are several possibilities of modifications:
You can turn on/off the music and/or sounds.
The labeling of the animal pictures in the game can be turned off. The default setting has this feature turned on in order to enable even the youngest children to memorize the written form of the word by trying to compare the matching words. For older children, please turn this option off so as to create a game difficulty, which corresponds to your child's skills.
Further, you can choose whether the letter names are going to be read aloud in the learning mode when the letters are manipulated.
The same way, you can choose whether you prefer lower/upper case letters or if you want the words to be capitalized. Again, we advice you to select the best option for your child.
Similarly, in order to make the game age-appropriate, you can turn on the letter hints, which will make the word composition game in the learning mode essentially a letters matching game. Also, you can modify the length of the longest word appearing in the application.
Moreover, you can modify what is contained in the My Words category (to create a mixture out of all the categories; this category can be then accessed from the menu in the same way as other categories.
Two game modes:
In the learning, the task is to compose a word from letters. In the game, you need to match the right pictures with their written name by dragging them onto the labeled windows.

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Abby First Words
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