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Alphabet Is Cool by KLAP

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Klap Edutainment
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Alphabet Is Cool by KLAP description
Check out the Exclusive Game Video Trailer

This is a cool and easy way to teach your child the entire set of alphabets with amusing graphics.

Your child can easily navigate through the five books with a few alphabets each or listen to the alphabets continuously. This can make learning less daunting for your little one.

The amusing graphics of the alphabets moving on a conveyor belt and then puffing away can bring a smile on anyone*s face. This game teaches the child letter names and objects associated with them. A young child memorizes by repetition and he can do this by listening to the alphabets several times by tapping on the popping script.

Learning Alphabets will never be boring again!

*Books with limited alphabets makes learning easy
*Teaches letter names
*Teaches associated objects
*Repetition aids in memorizing the alphabets
*Amusing graphics

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Alphabet Is Cool by KLAP
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