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Course For NI Kontakt

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Course For NI Kontakt description

3-Hours of Kontakt Tutorial-Videos. Stream the HD version of this tutorial at: &

Scott Freiman unveils the incredible sampling power of Native Instrument's Kontakt in this comprehensive series of tutorial-videos.

In this tutorial, composer and sound designer Scott Freiman shows you how to use Native InstrumentsA?a‚¬a„? powerful Kontakt 4 sampler -- the sampler that has rapidly become a standard in every professional studio. New and novice users alike will find plenty of tips and tricks scattered among this 3 hour course.

After a brief series of A?a‚¬A“getting startedA?a‚¬A? videos, Scott gets right into music making with Kontakt. Scott will introduce you to all the features that make Kontakt so much fun to use. Topics include creating a database of your own samples, using Kontakt as a plug-in (with a special guest appearance from Steve H!), automating Kontakt with MIDI, and getting the most from the Kontakt browser. The course also takes a detailed look at each of the sample collections that make up the Kontakt Factory Library.

Whether you are migrating from another sampler, such as Gigastudio or EXS-24, or completely new to sampling, Exploring Kontakt will teach you everything you need to know to use Kontakt as part of your composing arsenal.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to Sampling
2. An Overview of Kontakt
3. The Kontakt Library
4. Service Center
5. Audio and MIDI Settings
6. Quick Start
7. The Main Control Panel
8. The Incredible Shrinking Interface
9. The Instrument Header
10. Navigating Around Multis
11. The Master Editor
12. The Files Menu
13. Setting Up Multiple Outputs
14. Using Insert Effects
15. Using Send Effects
16. MIDI Automation
17. Getting Help
18. The Files Tab
19. Quick Jump
20. The Libraries Tab
21. Database options
22. The Database Tab
23. Editing Attributes
24. Quick-Load
25. Missing Samples
26. Batch Re-save
27. Loading Foreign Formats
28. Loading AKAI Samples
29. Batch Import
30. The Options Tab
31. Drum Kits
32. Keyswitching
33. Band Collection - Basses
34. Band Collection - Horns
35. Band Collection - Keyboards
36. Choir Collection
37. Orchestral Collection
38. Synth Collection
39. Vintage Collection
40. World Collection
41. Urban Beats Collection - Part 1
42. Urban Beats Collection - Part 2
43. Urban Beats Collection - Part 3
44. Urban Beats Collection - Part 4
45. Multiple Instances vs. Multiple MIDI Channels
46. Using Host Automation
47. More About MIDI and Host Automation
48. Using Kontakt with Logic - Part One
49. Using Kontakt with Logic - Part Two
50. Using Kontakt with Pro Tools - Part One
51. Using Kontakt with Pro Tools - Part Two
52. Live and Kontakt - Part One
53. Live and Kontakt - Part Two
54. Instrument Banks
55. The Memory Server
56. Purging
57. What's New in Kontakt 4.1 - Part One
58. What's New in Kontakt 4.1 - Part Two
59. Wrap-Up

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Course For NI Kontakt
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