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Day Late & Dollar Short
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CueType description
Learning to touch-type has never been CUE-ler!

CueType*s claim-to-fame visual typing cues get you started quickly, its on-demand keyboarding drills let you target specific skills, and its auto-restart features allow you to set your personal performance bar. Its streamlined layout and operation don*t hurt, either.

Whether you*re a beginner looking to kick the hunt-and-peck habit, or a QWERTY master wondering what*s so great about Dvorak, CueType puts your keyboarding goals right at your fingertips. (Now, who didn*t see that pun coming?)


* On-Demand Drills: Switch to any drill at any time.

* Auto-Restart Options: Do-over! Instantly interrupt a drill that's going poorly and try again.

* QWERTY & Dvorak Layout Support: Learn either, or both! CueType keeps separate records. (Note: Your physical keyboard doesn't have to match the layout you're learning, but your keyboard needs to be of a "US style". International keyboards are not supported.)

* Printable Performance Reports: Comprehensive drill and key-accuracy statistics

* Designed for Mac: Find drills in a drawer, important options in a toolbar, and information in retractable sheets

* NO "natural language" drills! CueType's purpose is to teach you where the keys are on your keyboard and then get out of your way. If you want real-world typing practice, then practice typing in the real world! Write some email, take some class notes, get started on that novel. Those activities will help hone your skills more than spending time on canned drills.
NOTICE to users of CueType 2.x: Don't upgrade. The changes in version 3.0 aren't (yet!) significant enough to justify the cost.

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