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Driver's Ed - 50 States

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Iteration Mobile S.L
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Driver's Ed - 50 States description

Pass your permit test and behind the wheel driving test with flying colors!Studying for a permit test in the United States? "Driver's Ed 50 States" offers the most advanced test system to your Mac offering practice with over 750 up to-date questions.The application is divided into the following sections:A?A“ MOCK TESTMock test simulates the real test format. When you finish the test you will see your score and review all the questions.A?A“ PRACTICE BY TOPICS Test your knowledge by practicing by topics. Select one or more topics to practice.+ Alertness+ Attitude+ Safety and your vehicle+ Safety margins+ Hazard awareness+ Vulnerable road users+ Other types of vehicle+ Vehicle control+ Roadway rules+ Rules of the road+ Road and traffic signs+ Documents+ AccidentsA?A“ DRIVER'S MANUALS (ALL 50 STATES)You can read your stateA?a‚¬a„?s Driver's Manual. The manuals are official DMV publications.A?A“ PROGRESS MONITORThe application saves the result of each question answered and a history of failures and successes to offer the most advanced system of all the statistics. ''In this section you can see two types of charts:'- Graphic Mock test: Shows your progress on the number of fails you have been done in test simulations.- Graphics by topic: Shows a bar graph with the percentage completed for each category.'APPLICATION FEATURES'+ Over 750 questions.+ Intelligent learning system: The questions are selected using an algorithm taking into account your latest scores and the questions that you need to practice more.'+ Track and monitor your progress. Analyse your performance and find out when you have reached test standard.+ Modern and very easy to use interface.Note: the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is also known in various states as the BMV, DDS, DOL, DOT, DPS, DVS, HSMV, MVD, MVDL, MVS, OMV, and RMV.Follow us on Facebook:

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Driver's Ed - 50 States
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