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EureKalc 3

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EureKalc 3 description
EureKalc 3 is a MathCad-like environment for numeric and symbolic calculation, dedicated to solving problems in the field of physics, mathematics,A‚A engineering...

With EureKalc 3 you can...
A?a‚¬A? Calculate with physical quantities (numbers with units)
A?a‚¬A? Calculate with lists of numbers (sequences and vectors)
A?a‚¬A? Calculate with complex numbers
A?a‚¬A? Present results in the form of tables and graphs
A?a‚¬A? Use variables and own functionsA‚A and use them in your calculations
A?a‚¬A? Access easily physical constants and data sets
A?a‚¬A? Write equations in a normal algebraic notation
A?a‚¬A? Edit, duplicate, merge... equations
A?a‚¬A? Transform equations using a vast set of algebraic rules
A?a‚¬A? Calculate derivatives of functions
A?a‚¬A? Present your work in a neat and structured lay-out
A?a‚¬A? Export your pages as PDF
A?a‚¬A? Export your pages and equations to LaTex
A?a‚¬A? Export results of your calculations (to use in Excel for instance)

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EureKalc 3
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