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Euro Origami

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Euro Origami description
* Now FREE for a LIMITED TIME! *
Learn to make Amazing Origami shapes with Euro Bank Notes!

This app comes with instructions for folding Euros into the following shapes:

Ring - Shirt & Pants - Butterfly - Boots - Heart - Angel Fish - Duck

We will be adding new shapes regularly in frequent updates. Leave a review and let us know what shapes you would like to see next!

We have made this app due to the many requests we have received!

A US Dollar is approximately 3 units high by 7 units wide, whereas a Euro is approximately 1 unit tall by 2 units wide. All instructions in this app are modified to work specifically with the dimensions of the Euro banknote (and will not work with the US Dollar. If you would like to fold the US Dollar, search for our other App "Dollar Origami")

Even if you don't have any Euros, you can get the app and follow the steps to fold any paper that has a ratio of approximately 1 units high by 2 units wide. For example, 10 cm by 20 cm would work.

If you would like to pick up some colorful Euro banknotes, you can exchange for them at most international airports!

If you would like to learn how to fold Dollar Bills, Canadian Dollars, Brazilian Reais, British Pound Banknotes, or a host of other currencies, just search "LEARN2MAKE" on the app store!

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Euro Origami
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