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Grade 6 Singapore Math (U.S. Edition)

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PawPrints Learning Technologies
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Grade 6 Singapore Math (U.S. Edition) description

Learn Grade Six Mathematics (U.S. Edition) with Singapore Math Videos and ace your math exams!

Many step by step video examples to learn math concepts.

Get the app now before price increases!

Look forward to updates for more Grade Six Math topics!

Topics covered:
Video:Algebraic Expressions
Video:Simplifying Expressions
Video:Solving Algebra Word Problems
Video:Fraction Multiplication Division
Video:Solving Fraction Word Problems
Video:Learning about Percentages
Video:Changes in Percentage
Video:Solving Problems for Percentages (1)
Video:Solving Problems for Percentages (2)
Video:Ratios and Fractions
Video:Equivalent Ratios
Video:Changing Ratios
Video:Changing Fractions
Video:Solving Speed Word Problems
Video:Learning about Solid Figures

Additional Features:Any question too difficult? Ask your question by dropping us a mail!
Introduction to Singapore Math:
In the United States, Singapore Math is a teaching method based on the primary textbooks and syllabus from the national curriculum of Singapore.

These textbooks have a consistent and strong emphasis on problem solving, with a focus on in-depth understanding of essential math skills.

Explanations of math concepts are exceptionally clear and simple, so that students can read it easily.

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Grade 6 Singapore Math (U.S. Edition)
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